Free Spandex Force

This game  is free on Indiegala right now

  • Funny name for a game, but still interested in playing this. Laughing IndieGala is an underrated platform, and I appreciate their freebies. Thank you, OP.

  • Not the biggest fan of these indiegala freebies tbh. Their games are mediocre at best

  • for a second I thought it was Spandau Force and therefore maybe a joke game by HandofBlood... forgive me, my brain suffered from the diablo beta.

  • Thanks Jet! I didn't knew about this platform called Indiegala but from what I'm seeing is offering some good deals right nowGrin

  • Thank you!! Me neither I didn’t know about this new platform. I thought there was only Steam!

    I’ll try it , so I can see how it is! If better or not respect to Steam.GrinningGrinningGrinningGrinning