Midnight Ghost Hunt - EPIC Launcher giveaway week commencing 1st June 2023

Midnight Ghost Hunt is the Epic Launcher freebie this week, so if you missed out on the Legion giveaway there's another chance to get the game for free until next Thursday

  • there's also a massive update to the game on steam to re-base it for smaller future upgrades, bring in PC crossplay and balance the game opponents more store.steampowered.com/.../3702568031444284629

  • Nothings like som hide and seek. With a twist that end game the hunter becomes the hunted. 

  • Indeed, it's actually an underrated game in the genre of hunter vs. prey horror multiplayers. There is of course stiff competition from propnight and dead by daylight but this one offers some unique features including some dark humour and movie spoofs some folk will notice in there. I like the mechanic of both ghost players and the ghostbusters ripoff hunters because let's face it that is what they really are

  • There are so many of these 4 palyer coop type of games out there. Only a matter of time until this one dies out too because of lack of players

  • Yeah, sadly its true. these type of games can be fun if ya have a friend group to play with 3 times a year, but matchmaking after few weeks/months take for ever to find a "team"

  • Thanks, wonderderign what will be next

  • Thanks you for sharing AntiKytherA!

    I totally missed the chance for Midnight Ghost Hunt.

    Fortunately Epic Games had the same idea Grin.

  • But what's underrated about it? It doesn't stand out by anything, really. It's got it perks and some details, but it's nothing innovative to pull public interest. It's another average game in the eyes of so many. It's cool that the devs do lots to keep it alive, but I can't see how far can it go with that low player count (it was around 50 players average online per day, with around 200 after Epic announced it coming as a freebie, and it keeps falling again).

  • Never heard of that game, so thanks for the hint.

  • Oooo noted! thank you