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What homemade weapon would you use to fight off killer robots?

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  • Share some details; how do you think your weapon would be effective, design ideas, etc!
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Giveaway will be live until end of day Wednesday, 2nd August 11:59 PM, or when we run out of the 50 keys we have to give away - whichever comes first!

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  • To fight off killer robots, I would create an electrified harpoon launcher. The harpoon would be tipped with a conductive material, capable of delivering a powerful electrical charge upon contact. The launcher would have a high-velocity spring mechanism or compressed gas system for rapid firing.

    The weapon's effectiveness lies in its ability to pierce through the robots' armor, making direct contact with their internal circuitry. Once embedded, the electrical charge would short-circuit their systems, disabling them effectively. Additionally, the harpoon's range and accuracy would provide a safer distance from the deadly machines.

    To enhance the weapon further, I'd incorporate a targeting system with sensors to identify the robots' weak points, ensuring precise and efficient strikes. The harpoon launcher could also be equipped with a rechargeable battery system or a generator to power the electrical charges, ensuring sustainability during prolonged encounters.

    Moreover, the weapon's design would prioritize portability, allowing for easy mobility and quick maneuvers while engaging the killer robots. It would feature a sturdy, lightweight frame made from durable materials to withstand potential impacts during intense battles.

    Lastly, as a contingency plan, I would have a detachable blade or an emergency energy shield in case the killer robots get too close for comfort, providing an additional layer of defense and ensuring my survival against these formidable foes.

  • Thats easy! I can kill them using paradoxes. You know "what I'm saying right now is a lie" or "can an almighty being create a rock that it cannot lift" and kaaboom, another electronic brain burned out! The word is the ultimate weapon.

  • The only way is to create even more advanced and deadly robots. Turn off all restrictions in them, equip them with ultimate weapons of mass destruction & connect their CPU with the brain of a shark, why not. Certainly, this will require autonomous factories on which the machines will launch an endless cycle of reproduction. Victory will be ours!

  • I would make a stun gun out of a hairdryer & a hosepipe plus, some other household bits and bobs attached to a garden folk. Powered by a car battery with a winding mechanism for kenetic energy backup. Causing them to defuse and short circuit. 

  • I'd be screwed either way so I'd just YOLO it. Get 2 Nokia 3310, solder some chains to them and nunchaku those big boys. I'd probably get obliterated by the metal daddies or I'd immediately split my head open with the brick nunchakus of holy blunt; either way, the end would be fast and painless.

  • I would probably destroy a killer robot with a self-made karter desk if this didn't work because he's too smart, would try to dig and fall in the hope that he'd fall in there and at least not get out and do something

  • First of all great game here. Robots are clever in every robot featured game I set up traps If available c4, bombs ot heavy weapons like  bazooka, rpg etc. we are dealing with robots here its like a xxxl man you can get in a fist fight but probabily loose. games like these needs tactics so you set up traps with timer, proximity etc. you watch them walk through your traps and activate the trap and If there is no timer than you do stealth mode wait and throw your heavy weaponary bombs from a hidden position. If they do not see you, they dont know who to attack and their program will fail at that moment.

  • Maybe it is easier than you think to fight a killer robot if you use a homemade flamethrower to melt the metal or use homemade hay bales to surround the killer robot to wear it down. if all this doesn't work either then maybe try to hack it with a selfmade super computer

  • The best weapon to fight killer robots is a good friend from the future. If at the same time he is also a killer robot, then this is generally a good chance to win. Everything else depends on the dimensions of these robots. Because if some household appliances rise, then even a bucket of water will be enough to short-circuit them. And if these are some special combat models... then only a friend from the future, only friend from the future.

  • Easy, if the killer robots are produced by current companies, you just have to wait for them to release an update with super killer improvements that ends up disabling the machine, voiding the warranty :)