free games

if you want free games look on epic games

  • Also they give away games regulary

  • Lol yea, there are also servers around that have discord webhooks and alert you when epic games do new free games. You can also just...check their site every once in a while. Got GTA 5 thanks to their free promotions.

  • A good example of such a Discord server is Here is the invite:

  • I have never had to buy a game since Joy

  • Epic Games sends out their new free game every Thursday afternoon, sometimes it's one and sometimes it's two but the time of the free games coming out is always the same. Knowing the time of the release for every week takes the ambiguity out of the equation and makes it where you never accidentally miss getting one of Epic's freebies.

    DLC freebies however come out at any time and often stick around for awhile, sometimes even 2 or 3 months. If you have notifications on the DLC freebies will often pop up whenever you sign into epic game launcher.   

  • Thanks for this, managed to snag a couple freebies from this!