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We want to hear YOUR home designs for your favourite video game character!

Maybe you'll create a plumber's paradise for Mario? Or a warriors' hall for Geralt of Rivia? Get creative and let us know.

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  • Share some details; get creative with your furnishings and themes! 
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  • Let's envision a futuristic Spartan-inspired tailored to Master Chief from Halo. Upon entry, a holographic cortana welcomes you. A focal point is a display podium presenting a lifelike replica of Chief's helmet. The bedroom incorporates a sleep pod reminiscent of a cryo-chamber and an AI terminal for assistance. An exercise room replicates combat scenarios for training. An armory proudly showcases Chief's legendary weapons.

  • Definitely worth an enter for people who want a relaxing and satisfying game

  • One of my favorite characters is doom guy. Although I do not go into details about his personality, he is a visually impressive character. One of the first designs that came to my mind would be to take a view from the Crucible blade with the help of a projection and a corner of the room with carbon fiber details with doom gun figures from the game.

  • Here's my home design for litlith the final boss  and main antagonist of diablo 4. A very darkness themed house, all the walls and furniture is mainly painted in pitch black and maybe some darker red colors symbolising the blood and fire. On the floor is a carpet with a red satan star, maybe some lit candles around it for some dark rituals. Stone statues of evil creatues that follow her leadership and in the bathroom a mirror so she can see the ultimate evil. HERSELF.

  • I'd design a home for Link from the Legend of Zelda. The house is located in a wooden area and features only one room as he's mostly on his journey saving hyrule. The house features very basic wooden furniture and a wooden bed.  Inside his house you'll probably find all the equipment he's found throughout his journey. A boomerang and slingshot on the walls and a huge chest with all his collected rupees. His wardrobe is filled with all the sets he bought from the vendors and there's a special place to showcase the master sword

  • My favourite video game character is Gordon Freeman form Half-Life.

    His home will be in Black Mesa and have "anomaly laboratory" - a dedicated space where Gordon can continue his scientific research and experiments. This room would have sleek, modern furniture, high-tech equipment, and various screens displaying data. Also he will have a portal to Xen garden. Gordon might appreciate a serene outdoor space to unwind - with beautiful space views, xen trees, and a small healing pools with amazing sound feature could provide a peaceful retreat.

  • Home for Gordon Freeman.
    It's converted from an old industrial facility. Alien specimen jars are used as decorations.
    There is portal near coach in living room heading to refrigerator. Coach has pillows, shaped like headcrabs.
    And of course, hidden crowbars are all over the place just in case of alien invasion.

  • There are many great characters, but honestly, I don't think I have a favorite! However, if I had to pick one, it would be Batman. So, I picture him in a big mansion with a farmland producing sufficient resources where he would hide his true identity. Interior would be a library with old books, a training area inspired by martial arts, a room with high-tech gadgets and forensic analysis technology, as well as a room for scientific research, a Batcave, and, of course, secret passages. :)

  • My favourite character fromvideo games is Guybrush Treepwood, and I imagine that in his "free time", when he is not the hero in games, hes living in a house nestled atop a rocky cliff overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean sea. The exterior of the house is made of not only planks, but also for salvaged ship parts and a crow's nest on a top of the roof :). Inside there is a corridor with paintings depiciting him in the most memorable moments from game, which lead to a living room, where a a plush velvet couch stands, a dining table is made out of ship's wheel, and the walls are decorated with nautical maps. In his bedroom a ship's anchor serves as a clothes hanger, and there is a treasure chest at the foot of the bed :)

  • Leon S. Kennedy lives in a cottage in the woods turned into a secure fortress. It does not stand out with anything special from the outside, rather blending seamlessy with the environment, but the walls are reinforced with steel panels. After entering, a rather minimalist living area can be seen, with comfortable yet functional furniture (two armchairs, sofa and coffee table). However, they consists hidden compartments for storing weapons and supplies. A large display screen on one of the walls can be used to see the videos from monitoring security cameras and to stream news from the outside world. Under the floor lies a reinforced bunker, designed to withstand catastrophic events.