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Let us know your designs for a chicken-themed weapon to use in Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown!

How about an egg-zooka? Or beak-seeking missiles? Make sure to tell us a little bit about how your design would work. Naturally, chicken-themed puns are most welcome!

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  • I thought of a simple weapon that could make the death animation different. In fact, it's basically just a minigun, but scratch feed is used as a bullet. Chickens hit with these scratch feed will start to swell instead of losing health, and some slowing effect will be applied. Chickens that swell enough will explode, and scratch feed will be scattered around, which also does some damage to the weapon user.

  • Regular bow but with a chicken as an arrow. You might have seen this legendary weapon in the " Hot Shots! Part Deux" movie. This is what Charlie Sheen uses to kill the bad guys. Simultaneously funny and deadly, timeless classic. "We'll settle this the old navy way - The first guy to die, LOSES!"

  • A Crossbow with frozen chicken as an arrow - getting hit means getting frozen. Double damage with this weapon cause its that unique Smiley

  • looks like im also Hot Shots inspired :D

  • Well known fact that chickens are direct descendants of dragons that lived millions of years ago. The remains of ancient chickens help to trace the entire evolution of the species from tyrannochikens to modern saber-toothed hens. So a quite appropriate weapon is Chicken FireBreath Tm. Modern science surely can awaken this ancient gene with a couple of pills.

  • Clockwork Pilgrim! For thanksgiving they prefer turkeys, but on weekdays they hunt chickens. One spring winding is enough for about a minute and a half of killing spree. But beware! You should stay away from it, because the deadly mechanism does not distinguish enemy from friend. And of course it is also steampowered as we all love the Victorian era.

  • Helmet with a built-in Rooster Beak Sonic Blaster - cockadoodledoo your enemies to oblivion. Knocks down the enemy and sets them on fire. Feel the delicious smell of fried chicken? It's the smell of ...victory! This is a secret military & cookong development of the most famous Colonel Harland Sanders himself( which is why it has the wellknown red KFC logo on it).

  • How about a feather. Some people fear being tickled plus, also it could be used to throw at people enemies pointy side forward. Like an arrow. You could also use uncooked rotten eggs and/or hard boiled rotten eggs and a catapult to blast the rggs at folks plus to destroy buildings/walls etc.   

  • Egg grenade launcher. The grenade launcher will fire an egg that will make a "Rooster" sound when it explodes. The white and yolk will fly out of the exploded egg. White is gasoline and yolk is flint that will set fire to the enemy. After the enemy is defeated, there will be a dish - fried egg =)

  • The stuffed chicken bomb. As the name suggests you can put anything in it that explodes and than throw it at you enemy to make it explode. Or you go for the trojan approach and pretend to gift a stufed chicken to your enemy and at the moment they receive it you let it explode without them knowing