[Fanatical] Crumble (Steam code)

Crumble free* on Fanatical, claim before 2023-09-20. (£14.99)

Crumble is a dynamic physics platformer. Move like a Slime, jump like a ball, swing like Spiderman!

Steam reviewsVery positive (544 reviews, 90% positive)
Release date: 4 dec 2020
Developed and published by: BRUTE FORCE


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  • As much as I don't usually like platformers, this looks pretty cool. I like the diversity of environments and the variety of ways that you can move around. Can't say I'm expecting too much depth, but you can't expect everything with the giveaways, right? Will pick it up. Thanks for the heads up,  !

  • It looks equally good as likely to frustrate the hell out of me, so I think I'll pass on this one but thanks for sharing

  • I love how whimsical it is! Lots of variety as well!

  • You're very welcome. People who played it seem extremely positive about it, they did something right. And we don't need the newest graphics card to play it, also nice ^_^