Out Of Line. Free on Epic Games until 28TH September 2023 at 4pm.


A unique adventure game filled with beautiful puzzles all hand-drawn in a unique 2D style. 

  • The artwork and music are really nice. Very cute little puzzle game.

  • Haven't played it yet so can't comment on the gameplay, but it looks absolutely amazing.

  • Honestly, looks quite good. While I would likely not have bought this game myself, those freebies opened me up to more types of games.

  • These indie platformers are like a dime a dozen nowadays, I wouldn't exactly call this a mind-blowing giveaway. But at least the art style is kind of interesting, and the main character's double-bladed lightsaber thing looks fun to play with. However, I'm way more excited for next week's giveaway Soulstice. Looks a lot more exciting than a puzzle platformer...