Deliver Us Mars. Free on Epic Games until 30TH November 2023 at 4pm.

Free on Epic Games until 30TH November 2023 at 4pm

  • Thanks, looking forward to exploring Mars and all the scary things I might find in that abundant station.

  • Good games, reminds me a bit to Death Standing on some aspects but this game obviously is different.

    Is long enough to be enjoyable and fun to play and explore Grin

  • Sequel to the much loved Deliver Us The Moon that seems to divide the audience. Some love it and others don't. But for the price of free, you can just try it out and see whether you like it.

  • This is the one I was looking forward to I enjoyed deliver us to the moon and would like to see where they took it with Mars.

  • Free is always welcome. Now we can live Elon musk dream on mars Joy

  • I actually looked for and bought Deliver Us The Moon from Steam to play first (way cheaper there than on Epic) since it was dirt cheap in the sales. I'm enjoying the first game so it will be interesting to see exactly what the controversy surrounding the sequel is for the fans of the original.