There's a free to play Final Fantasy title been released yesterday on Steam, it's solo or co-op so you have the option to play with friends or explore solo at your own leisure. Beware it is one of those games that contains real-world financial transactions for in-game items and doesn't officially support controller play. The system requirements are quite low, so it should run great on any modern system including handhelds.

"Relive the most memorable moments from FFVII and experience the journey of a young hero Sephiroth in FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS."

  • Cheers. Didn’t know they port this mobile game to pc

  • I've had fun with this type of game in the past (the shin megami tensei mobile game and a few others) but it's not something I'd play anymore considering almost always they rely on predatory tactics to suck as much money as possible and devs are trigger happy to shut down the servers at first sight of declining revenue and start another game to do it all over again. I won't tell anyone not to play it but just be careful.

  • The challenge in those kinds of game is not to give in and just cash to get faster ahead. 

    I will try it out, but it is my first time into the Final Fantasy games. 

  • I had no idea about the existence of this game. 
    Thanks for letting us know that it's free on Steam! I might give it a try

  • I think that it is a big game.

  • Thanks I want play, is a super game.

  • I had no idea about  this game. Is a great notice.

  • I didn’t know they port this mobile game to pc. I dont have information.

  • Indeed, there is a substantial amount you can do for free in it, the shop does have a Gil section too with limited content of course. You also get rewarded for playing daily and there are draws to win random items (some have free ticket entry you get from completing certain challenges). But that pay to win mechanism is ever lurking and will no doubt come into play on higher level fights in the game

  • I'd suggest checking out FFXIV online too when they next have the offer to play until level 60 for free (as long as it takes to do so and you can start again with another character at level 1)