Which giveaway prizes would you prefer to win, assuming roughly equal value: laptop, tower, peripherals or games?

  • Knowing the potential of Legion Go as a Windows sistem, I would love to win one, but if isnt the chance, a Laptop for sure, becouse you can travel everywhere with it, and go to friends/brothers house and play with them easily.

  • Probably a pc, since you can future proof it to your heart's content, but a laptop is also good.

  • Hmmm, I'm torn between a tower and games. My desktop is in serious need of an upgrade, and if the values are roughly equal as you say, you could get a decent number of games for that value. I'd probably pick a tower in the end. Sweat smile

  • Laptops are the best!

  • Tower would be ideal for myself, looking to upgrade my sisters pc soon so that would be good to have a chance at that!

  • Laptop would be the ideal prize for me. It would be great to have a tower, but they're just not as portable and I'd rather be more settled before I get some epic rig. Plus, having owned two Lenovo laptops, I can say with confidence that they are great products.

  • I would like a desktop but beggers can't be choosers. Honestly, I would be happy with anything.

  • For the truth I prefer Hardware or Tower

  • I would prefer laptops as prizes, but towers are just as good. I think that peripherals and games are so personal