Which giveaway prizes would you prefer to win, assuming roughly equal value: laptop, tower, peripherals or games?

  • Honestly laptops are my favourite! They are a complete system without the need for anything else so it certainly seems like the best prize in my eyes. You get a whole new experience with one!

  • I would definitely prefer to win a laptop. It's usually good for everything. Work, gaming, entertainment!

  • I would like to win a laptop, is what suits better my needs since my priority is portability in daily life and taskFingers crossedGrin

  • I would love to have a Tower PC because I do have some marathon sessions of gaming (like 3 days with little sleep). But you put up the equal value and then I am about equal when it comes to a laptop with a good screen and GPU and a Tower PC with same class of hardware.   

  • Although desktops offer more power, customization and ease of staying relevant... I prefer the optimised power and complete portability of a laptop system.

    Space constraints and occasional travel means a desktop just isn't viable. I try to win better machines for my self, but also my girlfriend as she uses laptops too. Still, if I won a desktop, I know I would fall straiggt into tinkering and tuning again lol

  • Definitly Laptop. I desperately need a new one.

  • I personally prefer a desktop PC, but winning a laptop allows me to make a family member happy, so that is great as well.

  • My pc isn't high end but it's not terrible either, I could use a laptop upgrade since my current laptop is old and has less RAM than my phone lmao.

  • I really like the portability of a switch but it lack in power. So a legion go is what I would like to win 

  • What’s the point, it’s not like I’m gonna win anyway