Which giveaway prizes would you prefer to win, assuming roughly equal value: laptop, tower, peripherals or games?

  • For me it has to be a tower. I much prefer being able to choose everything for a self build than having to make do with laptop specific specs.

  • Any of them would be nice to win, but winning either a tower or laptop would especially be a pretty awesome win.

  • I'd deffo choose  the laptop they are so versatile and you can take them anywhere 

  • I would so much love to win a Laptop or PC with a screen around 16, so I can read all the small details without using glasses.I do not use glasses in normal life, but when reading or looking at a very small screen I have to use some. 

  • I have to use two different prescriptions nowadays, one for reading and PC usage and the other for distance. I can't see the keyboard caps otherwise

    But yes, 16" is comfortable for a laptop screen, 14" is pushing it. On a desktop the minimum I am happy using is 24" at 1080p or 27" at 1440p with regards standard 16:9 aspect ratio panels

  • I'd prefer to win a Legion Go with a full set of accessories rather than a laptop or tower but to be honest I would be very happy winning any of them. I'd give the laptop or tower to one of the family if I were lucky enough to win one

  • I would love like to win a laptop. My desktop pc is very good, but i have no mobile gaming laptop. My laptop is lightweight and equipped with an ARM-CPU for long battery life.

  • My preference is a laptop or a Legion Go. Either can be used for mobile uses.

  • Laptops are a must to win