[EPIC] Daily free game: Art of Rally


Just 5 more hours to go, so be quick. Looks like a fun little arcade driving game.

  • Here's a Legion Livery I made for the Group 2 model the Esky v1, save the PNG in this game folder as is it is and the game will read it: ...\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 2\the esky v1


  • Cool. The top down camera reminds me or a game I played much as a child. Think it was micro cars. Gonna check this out 

  • maybe it was micro machines? check out table top racing: world tour

  • Good job. The game looks cool, hope the physics work properly.

  • Thanks, the physics are a little odd but you get used to them quick enough. I think it's best played with a controller though

  • Thanks for sharing Wouter, last time I played a car game was with Asphalt 9.

    I truly enjoyed the experience but was kind of time consuming in order to progress and unlock cars.

    I'll enjoy this game for sure Grin

  • Looks like a fun one. I picked it up. And thanks to  for creating the skin! Very cool-looking.

    For anyone who has played it, do you know if it offers split-screen racing? I've been dying to find fun split-screen racing games (akin to the old Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit).

  • Good to know. Thanks. Perhaps I'm lucky and Santa gifts me a controller. ;)

  • Thanks, look like a fun little game.

    In my eager to get all the free games I forgot to post a comment here Slight smile

  • There's no split-screen or multiplayer as such because it's rallying from the era of Group B in the 80s so all the events are based around timed stages. There are online challenges if you can get them to load to compete against the times of players from around the world. I can get daily to load but not weekly.