[EPIC] Daily free game: Art of Rally


Just 5 more hours to go, so be quick. Looks like a fun little arcade driving game.

  • btw. which program are you using for designing something like this?

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2, it's a really old version I got with a Canon Scanner but works okay still just about.

  • I just grabbed the official game soundtrack from bandcamp, it's a whopping 4 hours of absolute synth bangers - tatreal.bandcamp.com/.../art-of-rally-original-soundtrack

  • Thanks for sharing your work, the car is pretty and well done Grin

  • CS2 is in general free to download, but technically only for those who have a cs license.

  • Indeed, which I do fortunately. You don't technically need Photoshop to make these skins though, any image editor that can open PSD files and save to PNG will do. So GIMP or paint.net for example, the latter needs a plugin though