[Steam] Ultimate Zombie Defense

Ultimate Zombie Defense free to claim and keep on Steam (otherwise £3.99).
Fanatical gave away gamecodes some time ago, so maybe you already have this game in your library.


Steam reviews: Very positive (1,786)
I agree with the Steam reviews. It's actually not a bad game. It has multiplayer co-op, a simple skill progression system and it's exactly what you'd expect from a zombie shooter. It runs on most potatoes, no gaming rig required.

Have fun!

  • Thanks for sharing the link, maybe I'm late but is not free anymore.

    Anyways is not a bad price considering the reviews and also seems that they will launch soon a second chapter.

  • Thanks for sharing. It is back to the normal price, but I need to see a lot more gameplay then they show to see if it is really a game for me. 

  • Yeah, already got it from Fanatical. More on to pad my collection than actually play, but free is free.

  • Hmm... Not free on either Steam nor Fanatical anymore, so that was a short time window! Kind of a shame because it looks like it would be a pretty fun for a co-op time-waster ;P Not sure I'd rush to pay for it, though.

  • Yeah it's a new game free at the minute

  • Yeah, same for me here. Couldn't find it free on either.
    That's unfortunate but hopefully we are luckier next time!