Ark Survival Evolved is now free on Steam

Ark Survival Evolved is free on Steam for the next 3 days still:

  • Didn't know this had gone free, thanks I'll check it out!

  • Oh that's nice! thx for sharing I never tried the game so I might give it a shot!

  • Very surprised to see it go free, and on Steam no less. Definitely checking this out. Thank you for the info!

  • I feel like I have half a dozen copies of this from various giveaways and such and have never even played it. Is it worthwhile?

  • I love dinosaurs! Thanks!!!!

  • Now I don't have a reason to not play it Sweat smile

  • No but its free, so put it on your library Stuck out tongue

  • Whoa good find! Steam is trying to catch up with Epic it seems.

  • I grabbed this at the time, but still haven't played it! Just need to retire and get some time to play my pile of shame.