[EPIC] Free Game: Super Meat Boy Forever

Free now until 29 February!

The challenge of Super Meat Boy returns in Super Meat Boy Forever! Levels are brutal and death is inevitable. Players will run, jump, punch and kick their way through familiar places and new worlds all while enjoying a story truly meant for the big screen.
Ah, I remember this game from the good old days. The original was great. Fast paced gory fun! But this one doesn't have as wonderful ratings, at least from the critics listed on Epic's store.
Still, a fun platformer with it's own kind of twist/style. And hey, it's free, so... enjoy!
  • That little guy looks way to happy for someone who has been kidnapped. Is it a family fight we are playing out ? 

  • oh yes, I needed this in my library!

  • Great addition to my library!!
    Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for the reminder to get this.

  • I’ll add this to my library!

  • That looks like a fun little game. Thank you.

  • Ohh forgot about Epic, Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing the link, with this game death is a must haha. I love the fact of how many times you're able to die in under a minuteJoyRofl

  • thank you . it looks like one of those old games

  • Yesssss didn't realise this was on as a freebie, so good