What are your favorite horror games?

Hi all,

So what are your favorite horror games?

My personal favorites are the Amnesia series plus Soma and lately I started getting into indie horror games, like Chilla's Art games, Fears to Fathom series, Backrooms series, Hollow Cocoon and many more.

  • Is definitely must Grin

  • The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is pretty much the scariest I have ever played. It doesn't rely too much on scripted jump scares, but just oozes this atmosphere of constant danger. Due to the random nature of how AI traverses the semi-open world, you can never feel safe. You never know what you'll run into on the way to your objectives. Areas you deemed safe because you safely traversed them dozens of times suddenly are infested with dangerous mutants etc.

    It's pretty nerve-wrecking pretty much the entire time.

  • If we're discussing a series of games or a franchise, then Resident Evil would be my pick. While it's had some less-than-stellar games in the past decade, overall, the RE games are among the best within the genre. Some games within the series are easily within the 100 best games ever made.

  • im surprised nobody mentioned alan wake yet. it should kinda count as a horror/mystery/action game

  • Spot on! It would definitely count as a psychological horror game if nothing else. It may not have that many jump scare moments, but it is still a horror game at its core.

  • I really like fears to the fathom it is a game that at first isn't scary but overtime you notice more and more thing that seem weird. And then just when you realise something's wrong something bad happens. This is what I really like about the series. The storytelling is also really good and the scenes make it feel like you're really there

  • Slenderman was funny back then, but in general I'm not a big fan of horror games.

  • Yeah, Slenderman was such a classicGrin. I remember that there was also a weird version with the Teletubbies Joy

  • Resident Evil Nemesis