Humble Bundle [Returnal]

For a moment i thought we might actually get Returnal on humble bundle, not sure if you guys follow it but someone made a humblebundle monthly games page and it showed Returnal and Assassins Creed Valhalla, for less than 10 £ which would've been INSANE, i didn't even know Returnal was available on PC, i wanted to play that game so much.

Anyways, instead of that it's Calisto Protocol, you guys think it's worth it?

  • Wow those are pretty good dealsGrin, if you can share the link of the page to check it out.

    If is a good deals depend only of your personal taste in games, is really good price in my opinion Andrei

  • I was thinking of adding the link but didn't know the exact rules about link sharing but it's for the gamers by the gamers so it should be ok but for any admin who sees this and it's not ok, I apologize and please redact.

    It also has my referral attached, for anyone who wants.


  • The bundle with Returnal, Vahalla and Noita was sadly a well made fake that went massively viral in the end. Even fooled some of the best leakers for game releases. Think a lot of us were really hoping it was real hehe.

    As for Calisto Protocol in the real humblebundle this month. Just be sure you like games that have a erie atmosphere and lots of jumpscares. Certainly had me on my toes! Before you buy though, I would look into stuttering graphical issues with the game just so you know what you are getting into.

  • Is it Humble own store or do you get a key to some place else (Key reseller) ? 

    I have seen a few people having to buy it in a specific store to get the next DLCs or it will not work together with the main game. 

  • Normally its a Steam key but you can end up getting other keys from Epic, Ubisoft etc. Just worth checking the bundles and each game will have a logo on it showing which store the key is from.

  • Thanks for sharing the link, there shouldn't be any restrictions about this.

    Also there's a section inside the forum exclusively dedicated for freebies and discountsGrin

  • Hmm, I don't see the Calisto Protocol one anymore - did it only have a limited time left?

    Anyway, the link that you posted above is a link for Humble membership - a decent deal if you're into that kind of thing, but also not exactly a bundle.

    Speaking of bundles, there is an EDF bundle on right now which I consider to be a set of games that everyone should own because they are so much fun!

  • The Calisto bundle is available for the whole month, it's true, it is only available in the monthly subscription but it's 8£ and you can cancel anytime and you keep the games.
    I hope Returnal gets a bundle in the end, i really want to play that game.