What games have made you cry?

Not just tear up or sniffle a little. What games have made you shed actual tears of sadness or joy? Bonus points if it was unrestrained sobbing.

I'll start: The final hour of each of the games in the To the Moon trilogy made me sob uncontrollably. Incredible games with incredible emotional storytelling. I highly recommend them.

  • euro truck simulator 2 made me tear down so much,the sound of scania eight cylinder engines,oh gosh,cant stop you from not shedding a tear.

  • This War Of Mine tore me up playing through it really makes you empathise with their journey and the harsh reality. 

  • Deus Ex Human Revolution and The Witcher 3, easily. Horizon Dawn a bit

  • Rime: Sublime adventure of a very sentimental nature, visually amazing: the sky, the rainwater falling on the stone, the day and the night... with a deep and captivating story with a background that is revealed as you approach the end.

  • I never cry for anything anymore, so never.

  • Ori & The Will of the Wisps.
    Stray had its moments, too.
    Spiritfarer is another! 

    Great games, I recommend them all.

  • Doki Doki Literature Club. Such a good game

  • I haven't played the To the moon trilogy, I'm interested by description  (even If I know I might cry).

    I never cry with games but one if the most saddest moments was with Life is Strange 

  • Marvel Spider-man. That ending got me hard!

  • Probably the end of Read Dead Redemption 2. Before the epilogue