Do you have any suggestions for a wireless mouse?

Hi, I'm willing to buy a new mouse for my laptop and it would be useful to have suggestions on it.

My current mouse is a classic model, is a small one and I find it annoying to use sometimes.

I was thinking to buy a Logitech G G305 LIGHTSPEED, do you know something better?

My top priority is confort for extended periods of use and no hand fatigue.

Also I don't have any experience with other models of mouses (I saw a lot of different types and forms).

  • What's your budget?

    I recently bought the Logitech MX Master 3S and it's a great mouse but a bit on the expensive side.

  • It depends on your hand size and how you grip the mouse. Some people palm the mouse and others use a claw grip. Also are you after a mouse primarily for gaming or just general usage? A lot of general usage mice can do both as they share similar sensors with adjustable DPI but eschew the RGB.

    Lenovo Legion Mice are decent quality and so are more standard Lenovo mice. I have a Legion M600 which is cordless, can be used with bluetooth or as a wired mouse with the supplied braided cable. It's wide but reasonably low profile and has a decent range of DPI options. The mouse buttons and wheel feel solid enough and the grip texture on the sides has a nice feel to it.

    I also have a Lenovo Go (nothing to do with the Legion handheld) Wireless Vertical Mouse that is half Cork and half plastic. I was concerned at first the cork would get grubby and be slippy over time but it still feels and looks brand new even after months of usage and not wiping it down once.

    I got a small cordless USB mouse too for my Mother from the Lenovo online store and that too is well made and she says very comfortable in her smaller hands.

    It really is difficult to recommend any particular mouse, but rule of thumb is avoid the cheaper clones of more expensive mice that come with several different brand names. They have very cheap switches and wheel gearing plus a fraction of the battery runtime you get from quality mice.

  • I have a RoG Strix Impact II and the Legion M600s.

    The Strix is a smaller profile, scroll is softer too, it's accurate high DPI and over a year later it is still flawless. Downside is that tuning the RGB, DPI and polling means needing Armoury Crate. Which is a bit of a resource hog for no reason. You can however, set your profile and RGB and delete the app and the settings stick. The side buttons can be a little harder to get with your thumbs due to its smaller size. 

    M600 is a slightly larger mouse than the Strix, it fits the palm better for me personally. Scroll is a little firmer and clickier. Despite the larger size, it is still remarkably light and the side buttons are easier to use comfortably because of the larger size. It requires the Legion app to make changes to to RGB and DPI settings. Polling is only adjustable when wired, its 1000hz only when wireless.

    Battery life of both is great, lower brightness on the RGB and they last longer. Both will slide on just about any surface and the pick up is great too.

    Neither are cheap, if you have smaller hands, I'd suggest the Impact, if you have larger hands the M600s. Both are great and I use both with no issues but the Legion just edges it for me.

  • Around €100, thanks for the advice I saw it and I'll keep an eye on this model

  • Polling of the M600 is adjustable when wireless too, there's a low/high switch underneath and with Legion Accessory Central you can alter the DPI levels the button on top offers per click

  • I use the 305, and I'm really happy with it, but it's a classic model, too, so I don't really understand the benefit for you based on your description.

    The 502 might be the better choice, if you want to have a different ergonomy, It's well manufactured, too. I only had to disassemble the 502 once, because the mouse wheel stopped working as intended. But I guess things like that can happen.

  • I'm a fan of the MX master series I bought 2 Gen 1s for when the first breaks down. Surprisingly its held up well for 6 years now. Both work and play using the logi unifying usb. 

  • Not sure if the M600s is different but theres the DPI switch underneath and the switch for off, BT and dongle. No other buttons?

    Even the reviews of it say it's a shame it doesnt have the option when wireless.

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    same am also using g305 its a good budget mouse, i had issues with the buttons like ghost clicking / scrolling but fixed it by opening it up and using wd40

  • I have the MX Master 2 and it's still going strong after 6 or 7 years. Will definitely buy the newest MX Master once mine dies.