Digital ownership of games

Dont know if you are aware of the recent ceo talks about how Digital ownership of games doesnt actually mean they belong to you but you have a licence to use them for whatever time the game's company want. I am kinda a lot irritated about that fact and how its legal and nobody do anything to change it. I mean if you buy a physical copy of some game you can have it forever and they cant do nothing about it but if you pay the same price for a digital one you cant? How is that logical and legal? As someone who only plays on pc i have around 400 games mostly free, but nothing belongs to me even the ones i paid them....

  • Sadly is true, to some extent I understand this but is really sad to think that If a company like Sony decides to close definitely, all digital games on the Sony Store will disappear together with singles ownerships :/

  • Really depends on how you set the configuration. slow because of the hardware or slow because of the connection to it. If the connection is limited enough I think most people would get tired of it sooner then later. 

    The World of Warships EU server really seemed to be limited and it took ages for it to download.  

  • Hear, hear!
    We need to start a gamers union just to prevent this sort of abuse by corporations.