What's a game you consider every person interested in videogames ought to themselves to play?


  • Difficult question. Probably Red Dead Redemption 2. It's an absolute masterpiece of a game!

  • The Witcher 3 and Deus Ex Human Revolution

  • There isn't one unless I already have a fair idea of what a person asking me likes playing and I include the most popular and classic franchises in that statement

    I prefer people to decide for themselves and pick what games they ought to be playing. There's no point me for example recommending a game from any genre which they have zero interest in. Yes there are some true masterpieces out there but you really need to know the person and their interests to recommend anything properly.

  • Hard question as everyone has favourites and different genres they are interested in.

  • Dark Souls or Nioh.

    Play something truly unforgiving, but it does teach you to evolve and adapt. You have to think and try new things or get stuck in a rut. A lesson in not everything goes how you would like, but with perseverance you can overcome it.

  • I will always recommend playing SOMA, IMHO it's a true masterpiece...

  • The original Deus Ex was such a great game!

  • If you do play it, it's probably best to do it with the GMDX mod.