Is there a Lenovo or Lenovo Legion Gaming Community Team for Folding@home?

I run Folding@home on a few of my machines and am wondering if there's an team I can accredit my points to. I couldn't find any using the Team lookup tool on the stats page for the project. If there isn't one, would it be okay to set one up depending if there are enough interested people on here to make it worthwhile?

I wouldn't recommend folding on a gaming laptop even though it can be done (the client defaults to only fold when the laptop is running off the charger). Reason being it makes the folding PC run fairly hot as the CPU and GPU are both loaded up processing data sets.

But if anyone has a desktop PC of any kind it that can be put to work when idle it would benefit the medical research the folding at home project undertakes.

You can find out more about the project and how it works here Folding@home – Fighting disease with a world wide distributed super computer. (

It's cross platform so can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac. There used to be an Android version too but I am not sure if that is still maintained.

EDIT: I set up a new team as there wasn't one for Lenovo Legion Gaming Community - see this post for details and how to contribute your work units to the stats for it:

  • Good idea. I use FaH myself when I'm on my PC, which is hardly the case. So I would contribute to a Lenovo team, but as stated, not very often.

  • If you can't find it using the tool, it doesn't exist. I would just set up the team yourself. There's no real negative PR risk for Lenovo or risk of confusion as long as you don't link to a shady Team website. You can just do what the Nvidia team does and have the website link to the general page of the company.

  • Unfortunately I can't help you since I don't have a desktop computer and my laptop is quite old.

    Is a beautiful project, and a simple way to help others via research.

  • Colour me educated, I had never even heard of this until now.

    How demanding is the software itself?

  • As demanding as you want it to be on CPU (there's a slider with low, medium and high settings), gpu though it will use 100% compute power. it can also be set to work on idle and will free up resources if you use it while using the pc too.

    With regards system RAM, I have it running on both CPU and GPU right now. The combined processes are consuming around 500MB

    You can also disable GPU compute in the settings if you do not want the client to access the GPU

  • I have set up a Team for the Legion Gaming Community, you can add the team number in the client if you wish to start registering your work units against it. I searched for existing ones before doing so and drew nothing relevant or active.

    The team number is 1065557. When you open the FAH Control application, click the configure icon on the toolbar and enter that number in the team number box on the Identity tab (you can also set your own user name on this tab) . Then save the change and your work units will then be accredited to Lenovo Legion Gaming Community:

    The website link for the team is copied from the Twitch chat message for the Legion command so will direct visitors to their local Legion Gaming Community website

    This is not by any means a competition or race to see how fast you can generate points compared to other users. Work units do not work like that anyway as they vary according to the capabilities of the system processing them. Folding at Home's first work unit is actually to detect what hardware you have available for work units, it uses that information to allocate appropriate tasks so you don't get impossible targets and a stream of failed tasks as a result.

  • I somehow never managed to get my CPU get the workload done in time, even tho a R7 3800XT should be good enough.

  • Thanks for setting it up.

  • 10 Million points Certificate

    A small progress update from the last two weeks, the points total is already over 10 Million points, it's actually 10,631,994 from 84 completed Work Units when the statistics site catches up

  • Do you use it on your Laptop?