This is Legion Twitch Streamer Samora's Last Week

This week, Samora's time on the Legion Twitch Stream Team is coming to an end. Tonight she will be live from 21:00 CEST in a collab stream and on Wednesday from 19:00 CEST it will be her final solo stream. So please show up and give her a warm send off and join me in wishing her all the best for her future endeavours!

Additionally, while her time at Lenovo Legion is coming to an end, there's no need to be a stranger! Join her and the wholesome Nakama community on her personal channel from which she streams variety games multiple times a week. Full schedule is on her Discord for which you can find links on her Twitch page along with her social media:

Samora - Twitch

  • Thanks for the heads up will be tuning in. Wish her all the best on her next collab.

  • Ah, great! What a cool gig, streaming for the Legion Twitch! I rarely check out streamers on Twitch, but if it's for a send-off, why not? She looks like she has a lot of fun with the games anyway.

    So does Legion need another streamer now??? Nerd

  • Possibly a few as it looks like at least two of the others are finishing at the end of April. Beewhyan has a new job and I think ChelseaBytes has other commitments too. I'm also wondering if we will see a return from Ella, Sage or Lionheart.

    There may be a chance that InsanityManatee joins the ranks as he's been grinding for Affiliate status and racking up his hours of late and also possibly SummerPlasma?

    If you are interested in streaming for Lenovo Legion, ask on discord who to get in contact with, Ben doesn't manage the stream team but may know who does

  • The best of luck to her in her future endeavors!

  • Best of luck to Samora for the future.

  • Question, is being part of the legion stream team a paid aspect or just a thing you're named as?

  • A small update just to say Beewhyan and Ottr are continuing for another 3 month stint, Bee has a new job so is moving this week but will be back streaming shortly.

    So until we know who else is joining the Stream team, the 3 amigos are Beewhayn, Ben and Ottr

    And Demolition Man predicted the future given the main food focus of the stream chat these days Grinning

  • good luck on her future streams

  • Best of luck to her