What Game have you stopped playing, that you used to play every single day in your teens?

For me it was Call of Duty, there was never a day that went by that I didn't play that game ... now I can barely enjoy playing once a month Disappointed

  • I used to love COD too :( now i just dont enjoyt it the same 

  • Speaking of similar experiences - WoW. I sure hope War Within breathes a little life back into the game. :/

  • Struggling to think of one really since it was the late 80s to 90s. I still play the same kind of games I did back then but if I had to name one in particular it would be Absolute Pinball. I have found none of the newer pinball games as addictive as that one was

  • I guess if you're talking about a series, it would be The Elder Scrolls. I risk dating myself here when I say which one I started with... but I used to play all the TES games basically up until TES: Online came out and ruined the real sense of the game for me. I'd love to go back to Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim one day, but there's so much else out there to play that I doubt I will. Plus, I sunk in SO many hours to those games throughout the years when I actually had time. Maybe I'll just keep the nostalgia.

  • None. I never used to play a game every single day. Was doing other stuff & outdoors etc. It's sad that many nowadays just seem to be stuck in doors glued to a screen.  

  • I used to play a lot of beat em up games but haven't played any for a while now. I think my reactions have completely slowed down and I'm useless at them now, and their combat systems have become sooo complex. Guess I'm probably just getting old Relieved

  • There was no game I played every day, but I enjoyed CounterStrike a lot. I lost the interest when CS Go replaced it.

  • I used to play Battlefield almost religiously, Battlefield 2 particularly between 2006 and 2010 while I was in my teens and still going to school. It's hard to say with any certainty because there was no centralised tracking through launchers at the time, but I have probably spent upwards of 2500 hours with BF2.

    The later games of the series somehow deviated further and further from what I wanted out of a Battlefield game and frankly, I also lacked the time to sink into them, so I just kinda stopped playing Battlefield.

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    Yeah. And as soon as VR has a real breakthrough it will be worse.

  • Used to play Minecraft everyday as a child, now only once or twice a year