Giveaway winner?

As the title says has any of you ever won a giveaway? I've been participating for few years and never won anything. Maybe I just got bad luck.

  • I was lucky enough to win a raffle for an ASUS A15 6800H 3070 140w a few years ago, ironically a few months later I won the Legion 5 comp on here for a 6800H 3060 140w, which I gifted my girlfriend.

    I keep trying to win newer machines for her as that 3060 is struggling to keep up, as is the 6800H for modern gaming. It is a lovely machine, but a 4060 with 8gb VRAM would help run her games at 1440.

  • Yes, on here I have won a 34" Ultrawide monitor, keyboard, mouse and surround sound headset bundle, separately another stereo headset and large mousepad, game keys as well

    On Twitter I won a Starfield Themed custom gaming rig containing a Starfield Edition RX 7900 XTX, Ryzen 7950X3D, RGB everything including the power cables and an XBox Starfield gamepad with it

    On Twitch I won a Gotham Knights Corsair Headset and decal set, also many game keys from Legion and other channels too

  • I have won a Lenovo GO, on Legion Gaming Community for North of Europe. Naturally I like to win more stuff Slight smile

    I am in  Legion Gaming Community for North of Europe,  Legion Gaming Community for UK & Europe and Legion EDU Community for UK & Europe 

  • Ultrawide monitor, are they great ? 

  • I've tryed for years to win desktop/laptop gaming setups, but others where more lucky. Recently I was very lucky to win a Legion Go and I couldn't belive it, which I could see is wonderful, it has nothing to envy to the other portables on the market. A nephew of mine is currently enjoying it, but I hope he returns it to me soon. On Twitch I have been lucky enough to get some steam gift card. 

    It seems impossible, but someone has to win the draw, and sometimes providence smiles on you. My dream is to get a well gaming laptop so I can run actual games when I go to my brothers house and play together.

  • It really depends how wide and what size, the one I have is comfortable as it's 34" 3440x1440 resolution with a 1500R curve which is quite a gentle curve compared to some. The panel is the same DPI as my 27" 2560x1440 16:19 monitor so it wasn't alien but the curve took a day or so to get used to as it was my first curved screen. I really like gaming on it with the wider viewport now and it now feels odd not using it if that makes sense.

    The other bonus is the width can be used for tiling programs a lot more comfortably.

  • Congrats, I think you will have a tough job getting the Go back from your Nephew though

  • I wish you luck Ioan, don't be discouraged!Grin

    Sooner or later luck will be on your side, I haven't win anything yet but I might be lucky enough one day

  • I won a Legion Y25-30 24.5" FHD Gaming Monitor which has served me well since. It's a great feeling to put in the time and effort in the forums and then get a fantastic reward for it, although I have to admit, I would've loved to have won a computer or a Go. The odds for winning used to be really great on this site, but there has since been a massive influx of people vying for the prize. It's great for more forum engagement, but it has the added unfortunate effect of making the odds less in your favor.

  • Over the years I've been lucky enough to win a Nintendo Switch and various steam gift cards or PC games. Still hoping for that elusive "big" win though which I'm sure we all are heh.