Lenovo legion go vs steam deck

I'm thinking of getting a handheld console - and was wondering what you thought was the best / your favorite?

  • I will pick Steam Deck. 

  • They all have their good and bad points, I do think the steam deck is the most well rounded.

    The Ally has the most potential due to being able to hook up a proper GPU for home gaming too.

    The Go is the most niched, it has a lot of good ideas, but they could have been executed a lot better over all.

    I've not seen too much on the MSI claw, it could have potential but I saw snippets of teething issues and it being a little disappointing.

  • Definitely check out the Asus ROG Ally, seems to be the best of all worlds in terms of power/performance of the hardware, ergonomics for playing as well as portability, and adaptablity since it uses Windows 11 for its OS.

  • I saw about the ASUS ROG Ally but it seems to have really poor battery life. I do really like the idea of the steam dec with its OS as it looks simple to use so i'm not sure about the windows 11 stuff. Honestly ill likely go with the steam deck as its just seems easier to use etc

  • Steam deck for all life

  • Thinking it's a personal preference thing. It depends on what you are looking for in device, what you are hoping to use it for plus your budget etc. All available devices have their positives and negatives.

    Plus you are asking that on a Lenovo site... 

  • That depends, it is true that you take into account all the variables, the efficient option is the Steam Deck, but the 7.4-inch HDR OLED display with a resolution of 1280 x 8002 VS Legion Go's 8.8-inch IPS display with Quad HD+ (2560x1600) resolution is a very positive point, also on the other hand, Lenovo Legion Go is considered the king in terms of performance if you can afford it. For me the operating system and battery are really important, and Legion Go is like a miniPC. 

  • I mean... if the Go had a 1080 OLED screen it would be perfect.

    That QHD+ screen is an awkward orientation, drains the battery much more than a 1080 screen and taxes the GPU more than is needed for a handheld.

    Just my opinion like.

  • as far as i know its all about the power hunger and battery life of the go (stronger hardware with windows) vs the slightly lower game compatibility of the deck (because not windows)