RAM or processor?

Is it better to have a high-performance processor and discrete RAM or Large RAM and mid-range processor?

  • It depends what you need the computer for but these days a small (not discrete as that is usually dedicated to the dGPU) amount is 16GB and large is 64GB. With regards CPU, again if you are only gaming you can get away with mid-range 12-16 threads rather than 24-32 or more threads which are better for demanding compute loads.

    So the ideal is to get the best balance of components for your particular budget rather than over-specify one or other component where laptops are concerned. In desktops it's easier to buy a bit at a time and eventually complete your dream PC.

  • I couldn't agree more, it all depends on what you need the computer for, gaming or processing power. 

  • This is a bit of a weird question, since RAM is not very expensive and how much you should get depends on the situation. Like always n gaming, you need a balanced system, rather than have a component holding back your system. For gaming, 16 GB is the minimum, 32 GB is the more appropriate amount to be able to play all games and 64 GB or up is more for special cases.

  • That's a tad vague, but as suggested before it depends on your work or play. If you need a lot of RAM chances are you'll need a powerful processor anyway.

    Picking a processor also means picking a mother board (depending) so it also comes into an upgrade path. Say 14th gen Intel, you're stuck as thats end of life. Though Ryzen AM5 boards should have at least another generation of CPUs on there.

    Personally, I'd go for the stronger CPU for my needs and worry about RAM later.

  • I also agree with AntiKytherA, you should decide based on your budget and keep an eye on good deals.

    If you're talking about a laptop I highly recommend you to give the priority to the processor since you can't replace it.

  • 32GB of RAM is a good start and just make sure your CPU is able to keep up with your GPU in games, like others have said a good balance is key.

  • That depends on your needs. If you need a lot of RAM it might be even smart to get midrange processor and RAM, but e.g. 64 GB RAM instead of 32 or 16. So unless you tell us what you are planning to do, it's difficult to say.