Congratulations to our first Legion Post of the Month Winner - Riddicrash!

Hello Legion!

As no doubt many of you are aware, we recently launched our Legion 'Post of the Month' competition! For the uninitiated, here's a little crash course:

Every month, we pick our favourite post or comment that we think is particularly insightful, funny, and entertaining (or all of the above) to be declared the ‘Legion Post of the Month' winner! Each winner receives a Lenovo Legion H300 Stereo Headset and a Lenovo Legion Mousepad L, along with a digital ‘Post of the Month’ badge that will be displayed on their profiles. Now, onto the winner...

Congratulations to , who won for his excellent response to our Legion Talk: 'Wow Moments' Video! 

We thoroughly enjoyed reading through his own thoughts on what made a truly standout 'Wow moment' in a video game; you've listed some absolute bangers there, Riddicrash! If you'd like to have a read for yourself, you can see his full comment here:  

Think you've got what it takes to win next month's competition? Just get posting to be in with a chance to win! 

  • Gratz! Gotta be honest here though, TL;DR Smiley

  • Definitely congrats to Riddicrash - his essay comment was just a bit longer than mine on the same post, haha. Definitely would like more content like the 'Wow Moments' video to comment on, both for more chances to win this prize and for some insightful discussions!