What External storage would you recommend me for keep important files?


I was thinking to buy an external storage device to keep my stuff (photos, videos, documents, music, etc) save.

The most important to me is to have a device with a decent life span/ durability because I'm planning to store there important files and I want to avoid damages or possible file corruption.

I was thinking to buy a Samsung  SSD T7 Shield of 1TB, but I would like to have some recommendations from you guysGrin

  • I think 1 TB should be fine, but it depends on how much stuff you have. also samsung is a great reputable brand for this :)

  • I would reccomend some samsung ssd with more then 1 tb ssd i think it should be enough.

  • A single drive of any kind is not a valid way to store important files with respect to avoiding damage or possible corruption. Ideally you need to save them on at least two different drives for that and keep them in a fire and water resistant cabinet or lock box when not using them.

    That may sound a tad extreme but if you really value the data that much, it is well worth the hassle.

    I also wouldn't recommend and SSD based storage for long term archiving, HDD is still a more reliable medium or even M-DISC optical media (you need a supporting burner to create them but any DVD drive can read them) rather than NAND chips in an SSD.

    3.5" Desktop HDD with external power supplies are also far more reliable than host powered 2.5" drives that have little or no heat dissipation (commonly referred to as mouse traps for files by the IT community)

  • Buy only quality stuff with good reading and writing characteristics

  • Due to my experience, I dont recomend Western Digital devices becouse I've lost 2 of them. I've got a HDD Toshiba one since 10 years that goes so well. Also I've heard that Seagate Backup Plus external hard drives.

  • If its important back it up in three places. I tend to include my cloud 1TB with one drive as a storage point inc local copy and external SSD.

  • The Samsung SSD T drives are very good. They are pretty robust, fast and encrypted. So far I like those drives a lot.

  • Thanks for the advice Oliver

  • i use an old ssd for external storage, its just 1 TB but its enough.