new laptop

Hi there. I have an older Lenovo ideapad 310 , ddr4 memory  6gb ,  amd A10 7th gen . 

the anti dust fan collects alot of dirt / dust. - what is the best way to clean it ?

what new model Lenovo would you recommend to buy to upgrade my present one ? just for everyday computing around 500 - 600 euros ?


  • For cleaning I'd recommend a medium toothbrush to go over the fans, maybe a can of compressed air, just do not let it spin the fan, it can over spin and ruin the bearings and possibly create voltage going back where it shouldn't.

    As for anything new I'm not entirely sure, if its for general computing and battery life go for AMD and the HS models.

  • You could remove the backside and vacuum the fans, I'm not sure whether you need to keep the fans from spinning, but it surely doesn't hurt.

  • yes, always keep them still if using a vacuum or very strong compressed air flow because if they spin too fast from either method it will destroy the bearings and can also cause blades to snap off too

  • I haven't heard about that. Only that you should keep it still to prevent the creation of a harmful current. Compressed air in general doesn't sound like a good solution to me, but I guess it depends on the pressure used.

  • Cans of compressed air (sold as air dusters sometimes) are usually safe enough but preferably invertible so they don't empty propellant liquid all over the laptop when tilted too far off vertical, just not compressor powered air-lines in either your home toolkit for your car or a workshop

  • If you use a normal vacuum on the fans it can in fact break or take damage. 

    I would love to see laptops where the fan more easily could be cleaned or exchanged, because after heavy or long use it will naturally gather dust. 

  • Yes  but will that not blow the dust back into the machine ? A vacuum cleaner sucks instead of blows and that is why most people think of that first, but a normal vacuum is to powerful for the job. 

  • i would suggest to use a tooth bruch and a air blower

  • Exactly my thought. Especially in case of a Laptop I would worry that I push the dust into the system.

  • For one Lenovo laptop around 500-600 for everyday computing, maybe I recommend Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ACH6 (15.6" Full-HD, AMD Ryzen 5 5500H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GeForce RTX 2050). Not the best but with that price range, the most efficient Lenovo's one now a days (I think).