ASUS Scamming people

This is really a bad policy ASUS has chosen (at least in the US). 

They are really not helping themselves by going this way and hope it does not spread to UK and Europe. But just in case we need to have this discussion and make people aware of it. 

I'm looking forward to see Gamer Nexus follow up story on this.   

What do you feel about ASUS and has anyone seen anything like this in UK and EU yet ? 

ASUS Scammed Us

  • It must be really sad for people that have bought ASUS ROG Ally and then get such a service when they send it in to repair. Hope I never see stuff like this with Lenovo. 

  • Thanks for the heads up. I've never had issues with ASUS, but this one really sounds bad.

  • wow thanks for the warning, for me i will never touch Asus again!

  • Thansk for the warning 

  • Thanks for this it's not something i knew of

  • I wish I could say I was surprised by this but I am not. Additionally, the contracted UK repair agents are just as bad so it's not a new thing exclusive to USA repair agents

    The Video title is also a bit clickbait, as ASUS are not an American Company, so will use contracted agents in the US too. It would serve ASUS well to keep more of an eye on what their contractors get up to though as videos and posts like these will not do them any favours

    If you have ASUS hardware or any other brand for that matter, my advice would be to inspect and photograph it very carefully before sending it for repair OR even if they send someone to do an on-site repair. That way you have evidence if they either damage the part further themselves or send you an alternative in worse condition.

  • There are of course no guarantees but what I would say is that it is highly unlikely you'll get the same kind of treatment from Lenovo or their contractors (the quality of repair work can vary by contractors in specific countries from what I have seen on discord but nobody has had hardware held ransom to the best of my knowledge)

  • Yes and that is why I hope it stays in the US and Gamers Nexus really get the authorities to take a look at it. 

  • I fully agree, but it such a story where all the stuff happens at the fairly same time. Has ASUS really not kept an eye on its business (contractors) in the US... really makes me wonder.  

  • Luckily I have not had any problems with them, I have an ASUS tuf gaming with a 1060, only needed some minor repairs, but it would be sad if this were a general attitude in the company in relation to its users. It's not exactly something that speaks well of them.