First laptop/pc

What was your First laptop/pc?

  • Technically it was an AMSTRAD CPC6128 if we are talking first PC in the family home. However the first I bought was an IBM Aptiva with an IBM/Cyrix P166+ CPU that ran Windows 95(b) when it arrived and got upgraded to Windows 98 SE over time with 32MB of RAM and a Voodoo2 3D accelerator card

    EDIT - I forgot to add my first laptop, it was a refurbished Dell Latitude I got from their factory outlet. I don't remember the full specification other than it had a desktop Pentium 4E rather than the 4-M. It was fine for studying with but nothing much else because of integrated graphics aimed at business usage

  • Heck, I cant remember specifics.

    My dad bought a Medion AMD PC, thats about all I recall. I know I saved up and upgraded the graphics card. Back when a little aluminium block and a a tiny fan was all was needed Rofl

  • I remember play with 5 years old Wolfenstein 3D on an MS-DOS laptop but my own first laptop was an HP with a intel chipset 128mg graphic card, Intel Core Duo, 512mb RAM, 250GB HDD, ... given by my university during the first year... so OP to work and also play lan party's with classic games like Counter Strike, Age of Empires...

  • My first computer was a commodore c64 in 1989...god, am I old?

  • I do not remember the name, but it was running windows / Dos  3.1.1. so really some time ago. But is was very interesting that you could look at everything and not a lot of viruses around in those days. 

  • Old windows 7 acer laptop, the fans ran like a helicopter about to take off but as a teen it was amazing.

  • All I know is that it had an AMD K6 with 200 MHz and I used it to play Pinball.

  • Wow, that's a tough one! I definitely didn't know what the models were called at that age, but I remember using the family pc running Windows 95 to play some old classics. That was my intro into pc gaming and I never looked back!

    As for a laptop, funnily enough, I didn't get one until I went to university, and at that point I got a budget HP, hoping it would still run games for me... The *** thing didn't even have a dedicated graphics card (but that's what happens when you can't afford a gaming laptop...), so I ended up using my roomie's custom-built tower for a couple years. Fun times!

  • Thats hard to hear, university times without even dedicated graphic card, LOL. Thank God your roomie's.

  • I remember on my 12's that, when walking down the street, I always looked out "of the corner of my eye" to see if there were any PCs next to the garbage bins, and recycled their RAM (128 or 256MB), HDD, GPU (if someone found one more than 128MB was like a boss) ... and made a friend's undergarment into a real LAN party room. ...super recycled, 0 carbon footprint, and cheap.