The future for gaming laptops??

With the specs improving on regular everyday laptops, when do you think they will start to meet the specs of gaming laptops??

  • I don't think they will ever truly "match". Once everyday laptops reach the specs of current gaming laptops, the new gaming laptops will again be ahead of them. They simply cater to different customers with different needs and buying power. I don't think we will ever see the day when there will be just one omnipotent laptop or PC for everything with only one single spec and price category.

  • I agree,  there are different users and use cases.

  • That rather depends what vintage and level of gaming laptop you are referring to. Some regular laptops already match entry level gaming laptops from 2020/2021 thanks to the AMD Radeon 780M integrated into their APU. That is on the level of a GTX1650 Mobile.

    However as already mentioned, the gap between regular laptops and higher end gaming laptops will indeed remain constant because of the pace of development in both categories. What will however close in the next generation is the power efficiency. Some AMD/NVIDIA combination laptops will already last as long as regular laptops in iGPU mode though, my Legion Slim 7 lasts me a working day with a couple of hours to spare if I disable conservation mode. With conservation mode on it lasts the working day only because of the reduced runtime available. I have seen that the desktop RTX5090 Founders Edition will be efficient enough to run a 2 slot cooler which is both surprising and impressive. Yes there's some kind of new double fan reference cooler but even so, it bodes well for the RTX50 series on both desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Perhaps the upcoming APUs will bring them closed, but the top-end gaming laptops will remain a league ahead in both price and gaming ability.