Best console games of 2024 so far?

I need recommendations, having watched trailers from games released so far this year none have caught my eye, so was wondering if gameplay has proved otherwise to people!

  • I love Dragons Dogma, just wish Capcom added a little more to the formula. Its very much like the first, which is good. Though I feel they could have given it more enemies, maybe opened up the classes a little more... got a tad more crestive with the quests.

    It was not very solidly optimised and yet doesnt have much to show for all its CPU hoggin either.

  • Indeed, it may run way better on PS5 than PC. I don't really pay much attention to console game releases but most of them come to PC eventually, like God of War Ragnarök will release in September this year.

    There are some nice exclusives on PSN for PS5 if you have that console though. It also depends on the genre of games you are interested in but to me the upcoming Assassin's Creed which is being released on Console and PC is probably the biggest release this year.

    I would say the new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game primarily but it does also depend what Console you have whether you can play that or not too. It's being released for PC and Xbox Consoles only.