New gen or old gen

So growing up I had and still have a Nintendo, when I saw that a lot of new high end handheld gaming consoles where coming out I was excited but not sure what to expect. But when I saw they could run games way more smoothly is was sold. But one thing I always miss are the nostalgic games like Mario kart or Mario party
So I want to know your opinion do you like consoles with high graphics and new gamer or low graphics but with classical bangers.

  • It's true that I am a nostalgic N64 player, who loved Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 64, Ocarina of Time, Diddy Donkey Kong Racing... after those days we had great games until today. The new games have some kind of lack, I don't know, that makes them less interesting or boring sooner. I miss the replayability options and unlocking new options.

    Personally, I believe that there are a large number of old but high-quality games (worse graphics but more polished and fun), which leads me to only buy that current game that is "essential" to play or good remake/remaster.