New games or old games

Wich one do you prefer? New gen or old gen games?

  • I guess it depends what you class as old or new. Personally I find myself playing more games that are 5 years old, 10 years old or even older as they are at this point more polished and bugs are ironed out. Playing brand new games that are still in early access when they are released can be a real crapshoot these days. Also I prefer games without the evil that is micro transactions.

  • I find the state of modern games rather disappointing. Up to the PS2 and that pre online era when you bought games you got a nice little booket introducing you to the story, some of the characters, items and critters you may face. I loved reading the books of any new game I got. Now you get the medical disclaimer and website address instead.

    Those days, the games were only released when they were 100% or as near as *** it how they intended it. Now you pay 60-70quid to be a beta tester, unless you get the pre order day 1 special edition they cut a few bits off. Or delay when you can play it. Playing the game unlocked awesome things, you get the most basic of stuff ingame now and have to pay for anything else.

    Live service and DRM is a cancer on the industry. Live service is exactly why the base game is bland, so you pay for season passes to have gear that looks better. Many people have complained about the side effects of DRM but a lot of devs force it's use anyway.

    Then comes the terrible optimisation, when companies like Bethesda just try blaming your hardware rather than fixing what they know is their issue.

    Everything is prettier and more immersive these days, but youbetter avoid spoilers for a year or 2 and picking up the game in a sale. Take me.back to the days you could buy a game and trust it actually.was what was advertised.

  • I like the mature to old ones. New games are mostly in need of some DLCs to become a good game and by that time they get matured and become a good game they always have a 1 or 2 on their back. 

  • I do think a little more description about what you mean would be helpful there, but I'm leaning toward saying I prefer older generation games. Of course I appreciate new graphics and the massive open worlds afforded by more modern technology, but some of the thought and care put into older games is just incredible to behold, and I feel a lot of new games lack that, or simply copy elements of it without paying homage.

  • For me it's about how playable and enjoyable a game is rather than their technological prowess. I do like games from many eras but if they are boring then I will pass on either. This is from someone who grew up first playing Pong followed by 8-bit games. So I have lived through many generations of games and seen some advances both good and bad in them. I really don't like microtransactions and pay to win for example.

  • For me a mixture....World of Warcraft i am into since beta... but I also like new triple-A titles because of the cool graphics and huge open world settings.

  • new games for sure

  • Old games. I don't know if nowadays is more difficult to be original, for sure there are few that are in some way (like that pokemon killer game called Palworld), but some recent boomer shooters are so funny. I prefer play games that dont have so huge GPU requirements and are cheaper or have all the 20 DLC include on it.

  • It depends. If it's about gameplay I often times turn to older games, perhaps just because I know they are good. If I want to enjoy good graphics, then of course I gravitate towards new games.

  • Old games. If you wait, you usually get a better experience. After the wait, the games have fewer bugs, are cheaper, and they are also easier to run on my potato. Sunglasses