Favorite game genre

What is your favorite game genre? Why?

  • FPS, been my main genre ever since I remember and I haven't enjoyed any other more

  • while i usually tend to answer rpg to such questions i currently am not in the right mood and cant get my head in the ideal place for it. but while i cant enjoy hours in an rpg right now i somehow can get into hours of 4x content somehow. a good civ or civ-like game is just a very relaxing thing for me.. somehow

  • Online fps. But only with friends. Alone its not that fun to play.

  • Enjoy racing games the most. I also play FPS.

  • RPGs, old-timey Point and Click games (think Broken Sword or Gabriel Knight) and a fair bit of retro stuff.

  • I guess RPG since they can be so varied.

    Zelda is technically an RPG, but so is Dark Souls and Nioh... then there's stuff like Octopath Traveller too. I guess even Cyberpunk is an RPG too.

  • I don't have a favourite. Enjoy a whole variety. 

  • MMO or role play games like Cyberpunk or Mass Effect. Sometimes a shooter or racing games.

  • For me I think any open world game, I love to explore and go off track from the story and find new things for myself.

  • I have a few. I like sports games, because Ilike sports. Simulations can be a lot of fun, too, but of course take time to master. RTS games are amazing, especially when played with friends....so I don't know which one I like most.