Your favourite Fallout 4 mods.

Like tittle says. 

  • I never actually modded FO4, I mainly played it on the PS4 pro. When I revisited on the PC, it never occurred to me to mod it.

    That said, FO NV... I have modded the heck out of that. Mostly the game breaking glitches being fixed, mild texture overhaul and weapons. I think I used the mod that stops the weapon mods being specific to gun runners weapons only too.

  • All of the Fallout games are still waiting in the backlog, I will check out the mods so will be keeping an eye on this thread to see what if anything people do end up recommending. I'm all for quality of life fixes but found some of the ones on nexusmods had the exact opposite effect on that game and made it run a lot worse

  • I know this video games but I played only with the Ps4's brother and never used a mods. I think that is interesting on the pc video games for to play the best

  • Yeah, it took some reading and following a guide. Some mods interfere with each other so end up making things janky. For NV I followed a basic clean up mod guide.

  • Ugh, I had a bunch of Fallout 4 mods installed and then they did that major update which made half of them incompatible and caused the ones that utilized directly modded game files to glitch pretty badly.

    That being said, for simple gameplay enhancements, the mods that make settlement sizes infinite (so you can build as much as you want) and reorganize the HUD to make inventory management easier were my go-tos.

    After that, the Creation Club has some decent stuff, especially the lore-friendly power armors (I love the Enclave Hellfire power armor) and some cool weapons that you can get through added side quests. But honestly, I'm not going to pay for that stuff, so I just downloaded the free ones.

  • I don't use any experience with mods was worse. In other games though they work great, f.e. Skyrim.

  • That I feel is the main issue with modding any game, it is best to wait until after the games receive their final updates before using mods but even then you are reliant on the person that made the mod making them compatible with the last update if they are anything more extensive than texture tweaks to existing models

  • This is true, but moat of these mods had been around for years, Bethesda left it alone for aaaggggeeees.

    I mean considering Skyrim was rereleased 28 times... im not entirely surprised that there was an "next gen" update. Most people are disappointed in it as it achieved very little but broke most is not all mods for the game.

  • If you're on a PC the Lost World Mod pack is something you should try for a newer experience inside the game.

    It adds improved textures, weapons and enemies (overall it includes 300 mods which is crazy)Grin