What games would you play If you had more free time?

I'd play CSGO and LOL but my time is too limited nowadays so I limit myself to singleplayer games with good stories and have stopped playing multiplayer games.

  • Elden Ring or Sekiro, I just don't have the time to recognise movesets and overcome a boss. With days inbetween tries it's not a genre I enjoy right now. I moved over to games that pause and save at any moment. Cities Skylines for example. Building an hour here and an hour there, it's more relaxing.

  • Weirdly even with loads of free time now, I find myself playing games less and less and using my computer for content consumption and hobby projects! Dunno if it's a bit of burnout or whatever but seems to be going down for sure over the last few years

  • I'd play IL-2 Sturmovik, which I put aside for now because of poor hardware. I really want to play it in VR, but that requires a new GPU.

  • I was doing both singleplayer and multiplayer with friends and I needed to cut one so I cut multi cause I still see my friends to play board games IRL.

  • Tell me you're in your mid to late 20's without telling me you're in your mid to late 20's Smiley
    I think it's a sign of getting away from your teenage / young adult years. You've still got all the enthusiasm to know about games, but none of the enthusiasm to sit down and play for a long time.

  • Oof, so many!

    The full Witcher series, more ESO and FFXIV. Would love to give Elden Ring a go, too. Would love to play Skyrim again, as well. My husband plays New World sometimes, and I wouldn't mind giving that a go, either!

    I miss playing Sims 4, but I just don't like how they're being handled at the moment. Crappy, tiny (bugged) expansions/packs etc. for extortionate amounts of money. I loved Sims 2 and 3 - they were great.

  • I don't do total war games now, at all. Huge time sink, but a great fun in co-op campaign with a friend.