Legion GO first time set-up tips and tricks

I'm really curious about the legion GO and I would like to know in case I get one, what are the first steps to take before you jump into any game to get the best performance, I don't mind tinkering with it and I want to know what i should do first

  • Run all the updates. There are BIOS and other updates you need to get installed so that it run well and not overheat. 

    A thing you can do is watch all the youtubes about the setup and first steps to do. 

  • I have heard of people managing to OC the RAM a little bit.

    Also small gains if you can get UXTU to core offset the CPU and GPU, using less power gives more performance if you have a good bin.

    Basically, I think if you can CO the CPU/GPU you may gain a little performance, or maybe just lesser power draw. If that is the case that is a nice power offset to be able to make better use of the RAM OC as there's more headroom. There's all sorts of stuff out there it all depends on how far you want to go.