What's your favorite music genres/bands?

I mostly listen to metal, both old things like metallica and black sabbath and new like sabaton and unleash the archers. In my country it's not so popular anymore, I want to know about people from other countries in europe. What's your favorite genres or artists?

  • My favourite genres are pop, latin , traditional and popular music. Also dance music! Sometimes I like listening to rock music that loads me a bit. In general it depends on how my mood is. However, I don’t like at all metal , rapping music or punk because of the heavy and harsh sounds! 

  • I have a very wide range of genres that I listen to and it depends on the mood I am in at that moment. So it goes from dance/trance/techno, orchestral, pop all the way to new age music Sweat smile

    I also like movie and game OSTs especially if they fall into some lesser known genres.

  • Alternative, grunge, synth-pop, new wave.... I'm showing my age!

  • I find that I pick up a lot of new artists and songs via music streaming service suggestions, some of which make tailored playlists, so if you're looking for more music, give that a shot.

  • Im more a metal and rock kinda guy, that said i also dont mind a bit of general radio and 90s and even 80s stuff.

    Crap like WAP and such just kills modern radio.

  • Mostly I listen to metal, power metal and rock. But I am not going to run away from other genres if I like the song. And yeah, I like to listen to some game soundtracks too!

  • So it's not just radio stations in my country that suck haha. A big difference I noticed as time goes on is good music used to find you without you needing to do anything, now I have to search for things I like because I am indifferent to or dislike most of the stuff that gets served to me in the mainstream.

  • recently heard arctic monkeys for the first time... don't know how I missed it!

  • As I get older it seems to change through the years. Younger it was pop, then the cringy metal / dubstep teens, then hipster *I heard them first* indie bands coming into early adult years before settling on mainstream indie and 80's / 90's pop over the last few years. I listen back to some of the stuff I enjoyed before, and wonder how on earth it's considered music. Definitely a sign of aging!

  • I started with metal and classic rock and then I'd like to think my taste evolved to more alternative and indie rock, but I really have stuck with rock for most of my life.

    There are bits of pop, Latin, EDM, and jazz that I like as well, but techno and reggae are two of my least favorite genres. As a drummer, I just feel like they're way too repetitive.