What shut down game do you miss the most?

I got into an argument on Facebook the other day about how you don't ever own your games, as all you're buying is a licence agreement to use the media.

They didn't understand that the licence can be revoked if you're hacking etc, or if the servers shut down.

It got me thinking though - there are so many amazing games from the 2000-2020 era that have long since shut down and you can't play them again.

I think the one I regret not playing the most is Star Wars Galaxies, back when it was new. I've heard so many amazing things about the game, and I know you can play on private servers but I feel like I missed out on something magic that a private server can't bring back.

What games do you miss the most?

  • I used to play GTA Samp long time ago and i really miss some servers that shot down become all of them are private. Also Samp has stopped updates for years now 

  • Ubisoft shut down servers for ghost recon future soldiers. The game had it all. Good horde mode, pve and pvp. 

  • I think it depends on which region you are from. There still are plenty of SAMP servers in Europe and Russia, even if they aren't as full as they used to be.

  • I loved future soldiers. I really enjoyed the pvp.So much fun