Games to films

With the massive success that ‘The Last of us’ on streaming channels looks likely to be, and God of War on the way, what other great game titles would be particularly suited to being adapted to films/streamed series?

  • Call of Duty would be easy to adapt. But I guess a movie like that would have fitted better in the 90s.

  • I believe I have said it before in some other tread. "Altered Carbon" would make such a great universe. It has much of the Cyberpunk flair, but not that many augments and AI's are running businesses and have different personalities Slight smile

  • I would love to see a sequel or something new inside the universe of Cyberpunk, a really enjoyed the Edge Runners.

  • Kingdom Come Deliverance would be great, the story of improvement behind it, of a simple peasant who survives the Cumans, seems very good to me.

    Jedi Knight Dark forces I-II, Outcast and Jedi Academy are my chilhood best games, would be too much to see Kyle Katarn adventures like a Mandalorian show.

    Others that could be great can be Syberia, and maybe 2 that can be a little bit bloody but brainless to see (like The Expendables) Wolfenstein and Sniper Ellite series.

    But maybe the show that would be and absolute boom would be Half life series, that have and awesome potential TV serial, with the diferent characters involved.

  • system shock or bioshock? deus ex?

    the "mass effect" universe could return in style with a show

    the star wars old republic era begs for an adaption

    and because i have weird ideas.. i could see a "monkey island" mini series (although that dips a bit into the pirates of the caribbean franchise because they have pretty similar setting&stories).

  • It would be amazing to see an Assassin's Creed Series. The film adaptation was terrible. 

  • GTA would be a good idea for a film.

  • Uhhh. Very good idea. That could really work.

  • I think Red Dead Redemption would make for a great movie. Though I guess it could end up being a generic cowboy movie if the producers weren't too careful.

  • I would love to see a mass effect movie or tv show. Maybe something about the first contact war would be cool.