Games to films

With the massive success that ‘The Last of us’ on streaming channels looks likely to be, and God of War on the way, what other great game titles would be particularly suited to being adapted to films/streamed series?

  • I agree with Mass Effect. It already has a very cinematic style and a vast lore to draw from and fleshed out world. And with the Mass Effect 4 game apparently in the works it would be an ideal opportunity to do a tie-in.

  • Would like to see a film based on Starfield 

  • I would have said Nioh, but Shogun is basically doing that without demons.

    Cyberpunk would actually make an epic film if it was done right.

  • Any universe with lots of story telling like Cyberpunk, RDR2, Bioshock, Half-life, Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, etc.

  • I've thought about this quite a lot, but have been so disappointed at game adaptations into film or shows previously (or the lack thereof) that I had given up hope. Then The Last of Us and Fallout came out, and that hope has been restored - apparently you can make good series based on games!

    The best adaptations would probably be the deep, character-driven RPGs. I've always dreamed of seeing Morrowind become a Game of Thrones-style film or TV series, but almost any of the TES would be excellent for that, as would Mass Effect (which has been mentioned many times on here and would be perfect for an adaptation).

    If producers and directors wanted to get a bit more creative, they might take on projects based on the worlds created in games like Remnant: From the Ashes, or Kenshi. Those post-apocalyptic settings are enticing to viewers, and those worlds specifically have a lot to offer.

    Finally, if anyone ever attempted and succeeded in making any of the Dark Souls or Elden Ring series into a game, I would applaud them, but on the outset, I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Yes, I agree with your opinion that RPG games have a lot of potential to become good television series, but they should take great care, with a lot of love, respect the lore of each game, knowing well the way the characters are, and good cohesion. in the history. For example, the Witcher series is good and faithful in many aspects, but the way it is done has not caught on. If someone gets into Morrowind or Mass Effect, it's better to do it well, consulting gamers because it can be disappointing for us...

  • Cyberpunk 2077 but they could make several films from that game or a TV series. The developers aren't done with it yet either, apparently there is more content coming in another DLC

    It would certainly be a high octane film or show similar to the grindhouse format quentin tarantino made more mainstream with his homage to movies of that genre, so definitely not one for kids

  • There's going to be more DLC?

    I thought they were done with it tbh, I still need to get the DLC. It all kinda got put on hold with the laptop fiasco. Still, this is good new to me.

  • A Cyberpunk series or movie would be so that game!