Longest time spent on a single video game?

I'm not counting total time spent playing multiplayer online games here, because those could be endless, I mean just for single player. I think my record is 141 hours on persona 5, it's a huge game to be fair and I wanted to do everything, but I hope I don't ever have to do that again lol.

  • I've got 1060 hours on Dota 2 from when it first came out, but honestly I couldn't remember any of it now. If I had to play a game, I would definitely need another 200+ hours to get to the same skill level I was at then - and I wasn't even that great!

  • 10 years with world of Warcraft. Don’t want to look at the hours Joy

  • I'm over 1500 hours spent on total war three kingdoms campaigns! It is the first game I've played that I've used modding so extensively as there are so many new factions and units to play around with and the rebalancing is fantastic!

  • I have 168 hours so far on Assassin's creed valhalla 

  • I think it'd be elder scrolls and I'm dread to think of the hours as it's maybe 500+

  • This is really easy for me to answer: Total War 1 to 3. I really like all the option that makes each playthrough unique and I do not have the total number of hours, but I know it is a lot.  

  • About 110h+ in The Witcher 3 on PS4, I usually dislike grindy single player games but that’s one I actually put some time in lol

  • Hmm, probably The Witcher 3 with around 100 hours. It took me several months to reach that number, though, as I had played it for only a few hours every few days. I guess the number of hours would have been lower if I played it in a continuous manner because stretching it for that long just forced me to relearn some stuff several times.