How many hours playing

Hi everyone! Usually, how many hours a day do you spend playing? When do you play, at night or during the day? 
Enjoy the rest Blush

  • I like to play around 2 hours, is like watching a movie for me.

    After 2 hours it starts to be heavy and I feel the need to rest.

    In the past I used to play even for 4+ hours haha

  • Mostly at night 2-3 hours if I can, but depends on when I want to go to bed. Most of the time it's about 2 hours or less, rarely is it more than 3.

  • In reality, no more than 1-2 hours on average for PC gaming. Some days better, some worse.

  • An hour or two, usually during the later hours and mostly during the weekend. With everything else that has to be done, especially during the work week, there's not much time left to spend on playing games, even though I would like to haha.

  • During the week I usually play 30-60 minutes after daily work and I play some short games that can be quickly ended (mostly mobile). During the weekend I usually spend 2 hours for gaming and that's reserved for some proper longer games.

  • It depends, probably too much.

    Alas, I suffer with poor mental health so spend a lot of time at home, being a chronic overthinker usually means my mind goes 120% or nothing. Gaming is a great distraction from that.

  • Not playing that much anymore. But when I got some spare time maybe like 2-3 hours maximum

  • Really not as many as I would like! Between kids, work, family and other commitments I'm lucky if I get 2-3 short sessions a week now. Even when I do get to sit down, sometimes I find it hard to keep interest.

    Unwelcome side affect of growing up I guess

  • These days I get between 0-1 hours in each weekday evening depending on how manic life is or if I needed to work late. Then on a good weekend 2 hours a day at the weekend, very rarely more than that and most weekends it's only maybe 1 hour over the whole weekend. Getting older and having to ADULT is tragic!

  • Most days, I don't have a predetermined number of hours that I will dedicate to games, since most of the time, I simply don't have any free time left to spend on gaming Rofl However, every few weeks, I do try to have some longer gaming sessions to forget, for a moment, how difficult life can be Sweat smile