Are co-op games so sparse?

I love playing multiplayer games, especially the ones that focus on cooperation. Think PvE or puzzle games where the goal of all involved is to beat the game. It's because I can do LAN plays with family. Smile

I only wish there were more quality co-op games. It feels like there's a ratio of 1 co-op game to 100 single player games, and I'm probably too forgiving even with that ratio... It's like MMO games try to fill that gap but they often lack story and their game play ends up repetitive.

Are co-op games so sparse?

  • Indeed, I have the same feeling. But I think the main reason behind this is the overall industry shift from local multiplayer games that were inherently co-op to online multiplayer games that are more PVP rather than actual co-op. Old games before the online era were limited in many things, but the feeling when you play with someone else the same game on a split screen and on a couch is unforgettable Joy

  • The real "old-school" co-op games that were perfect for LAN plays (or couch play if you go more to the past) truly are rather rare today. Multiplayer nowadays means PvP unless you look into MMO games, but MMOs fall into a different category of co-op as they are far more massive and the co-op is more focused on farming/grinding rather than story progression.

  • Good co op games died when online because mainstream then morons thought all gamers want are battle royales :(

  • There definitely aren't enough local co-op games these days! Luckily the Xbox and Steam stores/apps have ways of filtering games by local co-op or local multiplayer so that helps to find something, but there aren't enough new good co-op games.

  • I love co-op games, and I honestly wish every single player game included a co-op feature. It would just make games that much more fun if you have a friend or family member down to play with you.

    I'm not sure co-op games are as sparse as you say, especially considering there are many different kinds of co-op (split screen co-op, online co-op, cooperative campaigns, RTS co-op, turn-based hot seat co-op, party games, etc.). As players get more demanding, it does seem like developers are trying to pack more features into games, especially larger titles. This is great, and though everyone may enjoy a different, I hope to see some form of cooperative play incorporated into almost every game in the future.

  • Man i really miss local co-op games. Some of my best moments in gaming are playing through co-op games with mates.

  • Army of Two needs a reboot. Soooo. Fudging. Bad.

    I played those with my girl and it was a blast. We have nothing like that anymore and it sucks.

  • For my experience, till today I’ve been playing some few games that are co-op ones for pc. So I can’t say that these games are getting sparse, I don’t have enough experience to say it!

  • I think it because for many of us it can be pretty difficult to arrange them, co-op games usually require a degree of cooperation that random people won't have or won't want to put too much effort into making work. With friends and family is the most enjoyable form, but this becomes more and more hard to work into different people's schedules unfortunately. You have to find a game you both want to play and then find a time (often quite a few days in advance) that works for both of you Disappointed

  • Agree with army of two. That was a good co-op game. I like games with horde mode. Like gears of war. Waves of enemy’s that you need to take down co-op style